Technology allows us to make your dental experience easier, more successful, more efficient, and in many cases, less expensive.


We were one of the very first Cerec users in Ireland.

Cerec is a CAD/CAM technology which allows us to make your ceramic crown within one single day. Then typically you will be booked in before lunch. The work will be done on your tooth and your perfectly fitting new ceramic crown will be ready after lunch or at most a day later.

The Wand

This is a computer-controlled delivery system for local anesthetic.

This allows us to give a comfortable injection, typically is much more powerful than the normal syringe and allows us to get people fully numb 99% of the time. This is a fantastic advancement for treating painful teeth.

Air Abrasion

Imagine you have a very small cavity developing, wouldn’t it be lovely to catch that while it is still tiny but without all the normal unpleasantness?

Air abrasion is a very precisely controlled system which allows us to get at tiny decay and fix it very effectively, very inexpensively with a small white filling

Digital X-Rays

Did you know that modern digital x-rays allow us to get essential high-quality information about your teeth with less than 1/10 the traditional x-ray exposure?

The resulting information is available faster, easier to transfer to you, if you would like a copy and frequently of higher quality than traditional film.

Did You Know?

Wisdom teeth, contrary to what many people think, do not push your teeth forward. However they are often hard to reach, almost impossible to clean and are often better off removed.