Dr Laura Beschiu DMD

Specialist Orthdontist 

I am a specialist orthodontist, having qualified from the Faculty of Dentistry in Timisoara, Romania as a dentist in 2005 and have completed my specialist training in Orthodontics in 2008. Since then, I have worked in private practices across Europe.

My main interest in Dentistry has always been Orthodontics, as this is a speciality that has a huge impact not only on people’s oral health but also on their self-perception and social life. Because Orthodontics doesn’t only change teeth, it changes faces.
My main focus is children and teens where their growth potential, if well managed, can lead to favourable results but at the same time, adult cases can be equally challenging and satisfying.
Achieving great results requires hard work, skills and determination and I am determined to continue to learn and improve myself through using innovative techniques and appliances and through continuous professional development courses that I regularly attend.
On a personal level, I like music, reading, travelling and am very happy to live close to the sea.