Enjoy The Benefits Of A Beautiful Smile And Teeth That Last You A Lifetime


A dental examination once every 6 months to 1 year can actually save you money. A comprehensive examination and appropriate X-rays combined with a cleaning will prevent irreversible damage to your teeth and gums.

A regular examination is the first step to keep your dental care on track.

Our examination consists of:

  • A mouth cancer screening
  • A gum health check
  • A check for tooth decay
  • And a check on wear and tear and tooth position

When was the last time you had a proper dental examination? If you answered over 1 year then I’d highly recommend you call our office right now on 01-6761464 and schedule an appointment.

Smile Enhancement

A beautiful smile can literally change your personal and professional life and we have done this for hundreds of people who wanted to correct problems they had since childhood like discoloured, crooked or irregular teeth. Others want to correct things like cracked and worn down teeth.

There are a large variety of things which can be done to significantly improve our smiles. Ranging from simple whitening and cosmetic bonding to beautiful ceramic Empress Veneers.

Every case is unique and different our first concern is to tailor treatment to your needs and wishes. You can give us a call on 01-6761464 to personally discuss a tailor made treatment just for you.  


A crown is a big repair for a badly damaged tooth. It usually looks like a hollow tooth which fits over a very careful preparation of whatever remains. Very much like a top hat fitting over a smaller top hat.

Crowns can be made from a variety of different materials depending on your requirements and often look exactly like perfect natural teeth.


A filling is essentially a small or medium repair for a broken or decayed tooth.
We prefer to use the more modern white composite filling materials which do NOT contain the toxic element Mercury.

Alternatively we can prepare very precise small blocks of pure ceramic which  are then bonded into place.

Maintenance bonding

These are essentially small fillings, often without any drilling or injections needed to combat wear and tear.

After all we are going to have our teeth for many years so there is no point in letting them wear down.

Wisdom Teeth

Most lower wisdom teeth are better off extracted by a specialist. They are usually close to the important nerve bundle which runs through the lower jaw.

Routine extractions

It is always better to preserve a tooth even for a few years.  Think of your mouth like a game of Jenga. The more blocks that are pulled out the more likely the whole tower will fall over.

Similarly with your mouth, the more back teeth which are removed the less likely the front teeth will last properly. Only when essential will we advise removing a tooth.


Implants are a two stage procedure.

A good way to think about an implant is as a small titanium screw which is placed by a specialist surgeon.

This is left to heal and to integrate with the surrounding jaw.

Two or three months later we build the tooth or denture  on top of this titanium bolt.

Properly planned and in a healthy mouth implants are generally hugely successful. Honestly, it is fantastic that implants exist.

They are a wonderful get out of jail card, and ideally would never be needed because we look after our existing teeth.

Did You Know?

75% of people suffer from some form of periodontal disease.