Did you ever wonder how teeth seem to be the most fragile thing in our modern world and yet they outlasted everything in the ancient one?

That’s right….It is all our modern living!

We consume way too much sugar which is far too freely accessible and hidden in our staple diet. Combined with the ever-increasing stresses and worries of modern times, clenching, grinding and even breaking relatively healthy teeth becomes common.

But the main culprit is SUGAR…. Juices especially.

If you go to your  kitchen press or fridge right now and throw away the dilutables’, tetra packed juices and all forms of soda you will be doing yourself an incredible favor as well as saving a small fortune in dentistry over the years

Likewise in the supermarket just keep walking past the juice aisle.

The only healthy way to consume fruit is to consume fruit pulp. Fiber is a critical component in avoiding stomach problems, digestion difficulties and the like.

Not only that but the majority of vitamins and nutrients are to be found in the pulp not in the extracted liquid Even liquidating the whole fruit is slightly less perfect because it allows access to the sugars, causing an insulin spike, and breaks up the fibrous component which is so healthy. 01 906 9232