Examination (incl. Diagnosis & Treatment Plan)€50
Scale & Polish€90
Emergency Examination (Plus Pain Relief)€65
X-rays Smalleach €20
X-rays Large (OPG)€50
PRSI Examination, X-rays (small) and Scale & Polish€15
Basic Extraction under Local Anaesthetic€100
Surgical Extraction under Local Anaesthetic€200
Child’s Exam (incl. Polish and Orthodontic Assessment)

Root Canal Treatment

Molarfrom €600
Simple Anteriorfrom €450

White Fillings

Smallfrom €110
Mediumfrom €150
Largefrom €180

Hygiene Treatment

Standard Hygiene Treatment (30mins)€90
PRSI Protracted Periodontal Treatment (30mins)€48
Specialist (Periodontal) Treatment Medium (45mins)
4 x Quadrant Treatment (1hr each session) each session €165


Posterior E-Max Cerec (in-house)from €650
Anterior E-Max Cerec (in-house)from €700
Veneersfrom €550
Gold Core+Postfrom €250
Porcelain Fused to Metal from €750
Full Gold Crownfrom €900


Full dentureseach from €2400 /€1300
Partial Denturefrom Acrylic €550 Chrome €1200

Cosmetic Tooth Whitening

Both upper and lower (bleach+ trays)€280
Trays only€150
Tube of Bleach (for top-up)€20

Orthodontic Treatments

Metal Braces Dual Arch€3,500 up to 18 yrs
Metal Braces Dual Arch€3,800 adult
Ceramic Braces Dual Arch€3,800-4,100
Single Arch Metal€2,500-2,800
Single Arch Ceramic€2,800-3,100
Invisalign€2,000-3,000 per arch
Invisalign Lite€1,740-1,900 per arch
Reveal Clear Aligners€1,750-2,250 per arch
Reveal Clear Aligners Lite€1,250-1,400 per arch

Facial Aesthetics

- Botox
One Area€150
Two Areas€225
Three Areas€250
Dimpled Chin€140
Downturn Mouth€140
Gummy Smile€140
Man/Bro - Tox€300
Neck Lift€350
Nose or Bunny Lines€140

Facial Aesthetics

- Dermal Fillers
Cheek Filler€350
Cheek Filler(2ml)€650
Marionette Lines€300
Nasal Smile Lines€300
Nasal Filler€450
Smokers Lines€350
Tear Trough€350
Temple Filler€350

Please Note:
The above prices are constructed as a guide only and to help in consultations for further treatment plans. Expected size/difficulty may vary during treatment and from person to person and this determines the real cost of the treatment. Where possible we will provide a written estimate of costings for treatment plans. PRSI examination and cleaning allowances covered only once per calendar year.

Our absolute goal is to ensure that our patients keep their teeth in the least intrusive and most cost-effective way for life.

Beyond any shadow of a doubt the best way to keep your dental expenses low is to have an annual checkup and a bi-annual clean which will prevent long term damage to your teeth and gums and save you money by avoiding costly treatment.

Where treatment is required we try to explain and categorize it into mandatory, elective and cosmetic.

Even within the mandatory category , there are so many different ways to resolve problems and fix teeth that simply giving a price list does not allow you to work out what your end cost is going to be.

Did You Know?

Adult orthodontics is equally effective as adolescent orthodontics. It may take longer to move the teeth into the correct position but the results are excellent.